Adobe AIR and Hebrew Fonts

Twhirl(I’ve noticed quite a few people were having this problem, so I decided to blog about it. This might have to do with all non-English fonts, but I experienced it only with Hebrew)


The only reason I use Adobe AIR is for the Twitter application Twhirl. However, I noticed the Hebrew text was incorrectly displayed (word order was reversed).

I did not find a solution for this online and the guys at Twhirl didn’t know what to make of this.

After toying with a few of the options, I finally found the answer – the fonts used by Twhirl were in Hebrew, but AIR wasn’t playing nicely with them. I switched from Calibri to Tahoma and found that the text was just fine.

Both @effifuks and @JonathanRauch (with TweetDeck, where he didn’t see Hebrew text at all – see the left screenshot) experienced the same issue.


6 thoughts on “Adobe AIR and Hebrew Fonts

  1. Omer,
    Didn’t have this problem under Windows, but good to know there is a solution in case it pops up.
    However, this does not solve the problem when running under Ubuntu, where the word order is just fine but the letters are completely reversed.
    Got any clues?
    — rauchy

  2. I use Tweetdeck, and was looking for a solution to the Hebrew problem. Only on my system (Debian, BTW) it’s a bit different:
    Tweetdeck’s out-of-the-box configuration is “Original Font”, which does not support Hebrew (on any platform). You can switch it to “International Font/TwitterKey”, which gives you Hebrew on Windows, but on my Linux machine it a) Only shows boxes where the Hebrew characters should be, and b) Goes into 100% CPU utilization and actually hangs Tweetdeck for about 30 seconds (!) each time anything in Hebrew is written to the screen.
    Update: Just installed twhirl. Same experience – boxes and hangs on Hebrew rendering.
    BTW – how do you change the font?

  3. Update update:
    Figured out how to set the font in Twhirl. Sadly Tweetdeck doesn’t have this option.
    Setting a good font also cures the ‘hanging’ I’ve described.

  4. didn’t work for me using Ubuntu 9.10 with Twirl. thanks for sharing, though. i really like it

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