Phone Home, André di Lucca, CC-BY-SAThis is a short, off-topic rant. Please bare with me.

In an effort to spark some life into my home laptop (which is about four years old and fighting like a champ), I’ve gone through the list of services running on my machine to try and stop those that are non-essential to me.
To my surprise, I found XobniService.exe on the list of running processes. Since I had previously uninstalled Xobni and hadn’t restarted since, I thought a restart would clear it up. It didn’t.
To me, that seemed odd: I have none of your products installed, but your update service remains installed on my machine? To what avail? Not to mention that there was no way to uninstall it except to directly use InstallUtil!

I am writing this rant because this is neither the first, nor the last application to do this. This commonplace practice of leaving behind applications that  call home, after the original application has been completely uninstalled is annoying – even if you’re not sending any sensitive data, your application is still using my computer’s resources (CPU, hard drive, Internet connection, etc.) post-mortem.
If you’re writing an application that has an updater, make sure to uninstall that too once your application is uninstalled.

Thank you.


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