Quickly Find a Type’s Assembly and Namespace

Sometimes you want to know a type’s exact namespace and assembly (for instance, in order to find it in Reflector). Instead of waiting forever for Visual Studio’s Help to load (that is, if you haven’t already disabled F1) or searching Google for the answer, simply click on Go To Definition (or F12 in the default C# scheme), and hover over the meta data file’s tab page header.


6 thoughts on “Quickly Find a Type’s Assembly and Namespace

  1. A couple more tips:
    If you hover over a typename within a block of code, Visual Studio will display the full typename in the tooltip.
    Activating the smart tag with Ctrl-Alt-F10 on an unqualified typename will also give you the option to fill in the fully qualified typename or add a using statement to your code file.

  2. Oops, I got that wrong. It’s Shift-Alt-F10, not Ctrl-Alt-F10. Ctrl-. is nice! I didn’t know that was a shortcut for the same command, thanks!

  3. Actually the Reflector search capability for a type works pretty fast if you know the dll is loaded (F3 is the shortcut)… but if the dll isn’t loaded then you’re right, it’s not going to help you.
    BTW: if you click on the ‘=’ in the search window it will be a little faster if you know the type’s exact name.

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