Transactions and Anonymous Methods

Oren raised a suggestion for a new C# feature (a new trend? :D) that will include a keyword that would work like using does with try/finally, only this keyword would include try/catch/finally, in a kind of transaction (commit/rollback) fashion.

I think there isn’t really a need for such a feature. One could simply do the following:

Utils.Control(delegate() {
    // code...

public static class Utils
    public static void Control(EmptyDelegate method)
        catch (Exception ex)

This could really simplify things, since the scope of the anonymous method is a sub-scope of the caller to Control.


8 thoughts on “Transactions and Anonymous Methods

  1. It all depends on what you want to do. Since I don’t know System.Transactions, I couldn’t answer your question directly.

    This is just a ‘proof-of-concept’ for a debate. You shouldn’t use this literally, but see this as a concept your can develop for your own needs.

  2. I’ve used this before, but i don’t consider the resulting code readable / maintainable in the long run.

    if(fubar !=null )

  3. You can see my comments at the original post. I think I’ll elaborate on this matter in my blog as I want to express my feelings about delegates and their pros & cons.

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