Copy/Paste References

A feature I find lacking in all versions of Visual Studio is the fact that there’s no copy/paste support for references. You simply can’t copy a reference from one project to the other.
Today I got somewhat fed up with that, so I decided to implement this feature on my own as an add-in. :)

Unfortunately, the add-in can not paste ActiveX or project references.

The add-in is available for both Visual Studio.NET 2003 and Visual Studio 2005 (simply unzip to your Addins directory).
I will, of course, appreciate as much feedback as possible and update the bits if necessary.

[Update: Weird, I must have missed this somehow. Oh, well.]


7 thoughts on “Copy/Paste References

  1. Copy/Paste is allowed between any applications (even between instances of VS2003 and VS2005).

    There are two links in the post – one for the version for VS2003 and the other for VS2005.

  2. I installed the add-in for VS .NET 2003 but after opening a project and right clicking on a reference, I do not see an option to copy. I looked in my add-in manager and I do see “Omer van Kloeten’s .NET Zen: Addins” with “Startup” checked.
    Is there something else I need to do?

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