Compiler Lab Spring 2006

Kathy Kam talks about the compiler lab Microsoft has been hosting during the past three days (March 13-16).

The material covered in the lab sounds amazingly interesting (Linq, F#, IronPython, The Pheonix Project, etc.), but I couldn’t possibly attend on account of the several thousand kilometers of ocean and continents inconveniently placed between myself and Redmond.
Damn You, Tectonic Plate Migration!

Upon asking for the material covered in the lab (in form of at the very best video or at the very least presentations) to be released to the public, it amazed me to find that the material is covered under a Non-Disclosure Agreement, which is kind of surprising, given the fact that the lab was open to public registration and Microsoft welcomes the bloggers who post experiences.

Never got a chance to be there? Want to learn what the attendees learned? Let Microsoft know – blog about it.


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