Visualizers Returns

I really liked the results of my previous experiment and have created another one.
This time, it’s for those of you out there who dabble in colors:

The System.Drawing.Color Visualizer

The visualizer shows the color and an underlay color to compare to. The left column of colors is a list of KnownColors that are the closest in shade to the color. The right column is recently used colors (using IsolatedStorage).
Each color can be manually changed via a color common dialog. The changes to the color can be applied back to the visualized object.
Tooltips are available for every function – just hover over the control. :)

You can download from here:
To install, simply drag the binaries to %DEVPATH%\Common7\Packages\Debugger\Visualizers or %MYDOCS%\Visual Studio 2005\Visualizers.
Previously: Visualizers.


2 thoughts on “Visualizers Returns

  1. Could you please post it somewhere (like you did the last time) so it would be possible to D/L it from behind the firewall? Thanks a lot.

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