[Updated (1.4)] Commonly Used .NET Coding Patterns in CodeDom

I have uploaded another update (1.4) to my article: Commonly Used .NET Coding Patterns in CodeDom.
Major changes made since 1.2:

    1. Now compatible with generation for Visual Basic. Sorry about that.
    2. The Custom Attribute pattern has been added.
    3. The Custom Exception pattern has been added.
    4. The For Each pattern now works according to the C# specifications.
    5. Interface more intuitive.
    6. Lots of bug fixes.

I'm always looking for new ideas to add, so let me know if you think of anything else you'd like to add to the package.

Also, there's a conversation in the comments on how to add these as macros for Visual Studio.NET 2003 (to act as code snippets).


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