Talking To The Wall

Roy posted about Microsoft Israel looking for presenters, so I said ‘what the heck,’ and applied.
Last week they let me know I was invited to lecture about a subject of my choosing (as long as it’s MS-related, duh) at 8pm tonite. ‘The lecture should be 15 minutes long and it would be performed to a camera for their future reference,’ said the girl on the phone.

I sat down and created a mean presentation about – you’ll never guess – CodeDOM. Gotta stick to the things you know best when you’re being auditioned…
The presentation was loosely based on the first three articles in my article set and was very basic – after all, what can a guy do with 15 minutes? I even sat another guy from my team down and presented to him, just to see if my timing was right.
Calling up Roy a couple of hours before showtime, he gave me some advice (thank you, Roy) that even though they didn’t really cause me to change my presentation drastically, gave me a different perspective on things (and also made me triple check everything :) ).

Merrily, I set for Microsoft Israel’s headquarters and arrived about 50 minutes too early. Sitting there with several other people who took the audition as well, we talked about agile methodologies, blogs and the likes of which, when one of them indicated that the lecture was limited to only 10 minutes. I immediately opened my laptop and started cutting out material to make it short enough for the 10 minute limit. It’s a pretty painful procedure, but it had to be done.

All in all, it was nice. I talked clearly and coherently for a bit under 10 minutes and even had an audience of one (the person auditioning before me, who decided to stay either out of kindness or because he actually thought the material to be interesting (I hope both)).

I wonder what will happen next.

p.s. If you want the pps file for the presentation (pre- or post- cutting), let me know.


2 thoughts on “Talking To The Wall

  1. Nope, I dont see it happening. You, I mean *you*, doing something usefull… nuh, no way… :p

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