Commonly Used .NET Coding Patterns in CodeDom

My first article, Commonly Used .NET Coding Patterns in CodeDom, has just been published on The Code Project.

The CLR and other .NET code contain many recurring patterns. As these patterns appear in code, they may also appear in CodeDom, yet generating those patterns takes much work, which is quite repetitive. This library contains several pattern implementations for use in your CodeDom code.

  • The BeginProcess/EndProcess Pattern
  • The Cursor Lock Pattern
  • The Delegate Pattern
  • The Event Pattern
  • The Flags Pattern
  • The Get Property/Field Pattern
  • The Lock Pattern
  • The Observer Pattern
  • The Singleton Pattern
  • The Using Pattern History


2 thoughts on “Commonly Used .NET Coding Patterns in CodeDom

  1. Very nice, Now how bout you translate it into Hebrew and we’ll send it to the Tip Mailing List? :P

  2. I think your implementation of Cursor Lock needs to reset the cursor to whatever it was, which is not necessarily the default cursor

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