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Hey everyone. It’s been six months since I last posted anything and I feel like I owe you guys a little explanation.
I’ve been assigned to a project written in VB6 (ecch) for the past ten months and between that and college, didn’t find much time to go into .net. Now I’m back to a .net project and I’ve been given the role of a designer/developer.

As a part of this, I’ve got to find out about as many design tools as possible and grade them according to how much the tool is good for the project’s design phase.

My question to you is, then, what is your design tool of choice (Microsoft Visio, Rational XDE, etc.), which version and why?


8 thoughts on “Design Tools

  1. Puting your head in to Rational goo is the story of old day "Designers". Have you considered more Agile methodologies? Check out TestDriven.Net. This is not to say, Rational tools are evil but if you are surrounded by those people in 40s praising a month long design (pre-code) phase with Rational approch and VB6 stuff, good answer would be, get out from there or change that system :)

  2. My design tool of choice is the whiteboard. It’s much more flexible than any of the other tools out there, and is incredibly cheap. However, there is a linear cost of markers for the whiteboard – the more design you do in the tool, the more you will have to pay for markers.

  3. Hi Omer,
    Welcome back:-)

    For quick results and/or simple and small task/s I will use Visio. For long term project and large project I will use the XDE. I guess that when Whidbey for architects will be around then I will consider using it.

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