I think I got it now

I think I get it now: foreach is ok for static arrays, but bad for everything else (look at #5 on the list).

Oh. :)

They say it would be fixed in vnext, though.

On a side note, remember to never ever take for over foreach if you can use the enumerator to enumerate on your list at O(1), like in a linked list, where index-based enumeration would be a large perf hit.
Pretty simple, but keep it in mind. :)


One thought on “I think I got it now

  1. foreach is OK for 99% of code that is every written, most code does not need to be very fast. Normal programmers, (the sort that do not work for Microsoft) write software then spends 90% of it’s time waiting for the RDBMS, so the speed of the other 10% is often not important.

    ringi at bigfoot dot com

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