Cutting The Branch

Following the contest, I’ve been getting some emails from people about the Object Model Generator.
Most questions I got were in the line of “Why doesn’t OMG support feature X of XSDs” and “Why does my XSD cause OMG to throw an exception?”
I am the first to admit that OMG is not a finished piece of work, but rather an experimental tool I have created for personal use and decided to release to the general public, hence the immediate release of the code (for you to be able to debug into it) and the eternal beta status.

Since the current codebase was created rather in a hurry, without proper design or testing, it is relatively unmaintainable and so I have decided to cut the current development branch and start over, learning the lessons I had learned from the current versions. This time, the tool will not be for my own personal use, and as such, it will be written condierably better. :P

If any of you want to help out, just kick the can.


One thought on “Cutting The Branch

  1. I use xsd.exe in .NET 2.0 and would like to overcome some limitations of that tool.
    Beside numerous articles, I found OMG via the “Code Generation Network” site. As yours, al related posts are quite old refering to VS 2003 and .NET 1.1.
    Whats the reason for this? Is there no need to replace/ improve xsd.exe in VS 2005 and .NET 2.0 anymore?
    I am ready to write a tool like OMG for .NET2.0. I am just a bit irritated about the silence on this subject. May be I overlooked some genius fix in the new xsd.exe in .NET2.0 …
    As far as I know there is still no support for typed collections, referencing types in a different namespace or having Xml text stored in a single node as string.

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