References In Visual Studio.NET

Hey, everyone! It’s the “Omer Asks For A Feature” time again! ;)

This time, it’s regarding a project’s references list (in addition to my previous copy/move reqeust):

  1. “Remove Unused References” – You could right click the project, click on this and get all the references your project isn’t really using deleted from it. This way, if you’re not using any of the pre-supplied references (System, System.Data, System.Xml, etc.), they would get removed so your assembly will not depand on them.
    By the way, the catch is not in finding out which assemblies you use, but on remembering to check which assemblies the references refer to. :)
  2. Conditional References – I can compile my project with conditional symbols so that they affect what gets compiled in my code. I want to be able to specify the symbols required for a reference to actually get into the manifest.
    Why do I need this? Imagine me having my test cases in my main assembly. I can use conditionals to remove the unit testing code so that it’s not in my released assembly (#if DEBUG), but I can’t remove the reference to the testing framework’s assemblies. Yes, JIT will not try to load the referenced assembly, because there’s no code referring to it, but then again, it’s garbage in my assembly’s manifest.

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