Genetic Algorithms

My best friend, Aviad Ben Dov, has been working on a Genetic Algorithms Framework, known as genCore, written in Java, for the past eight months as his pet project.
The project also includes a distributed computing module that distributes the workload between computers, known as bzBee, and a unified artificial intelligence API, both distributed and local, in a cross-platform environment, known as sentience or as he likes to put it “making the computer talk back at you when you call it ‘stupid'”.
He also keeps an ever-evolving wiki and has recently decided to start blogging about his experiences and decisions.

Now, I’m the first to admit to being bloody ignorant when it comes to genetic algorithms and lord knows he tried to get me into it, but I decided to keep this as a black spot in the horizon, until I “had more time”. I have no idea when I’ll “have more time”, but I want it to be soon, since I started reading (all right, speed-reading though) all his written work.
If any of you are interested, you could drop by and have a look. This is, in my opinion, an amazingly ambitious project that once it comes out as version 1.0 (version 0.6 is out now, working and stable), it’s will simplify the way you work with genetic algorithms from “gee, boss, that would take years to develop!” to “give me a couple of hours”.

All the luck to Aviad. RSS for releases is here.


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