UIP Designer, The Preview

Here are a few screenshots from the designer:

The main screen.

Translation: title – User Interface Process, configuration file designer; left subtitle – Welcome to the user interface process designer. Please select an application to configure; left frame title – latest applications; right frame – open application, save configuration, save configuration as. bottom – activate help. (active tooltips)

When an application is loaded.

Translation: white on gray text – Now configuring application X; options – Edit objects / Edit the navigation graph (options arrow) or create a new one; left frame title – latest navigation graphs; right frame – open application, save configuration, save configuration as.

The objects editor.

Translation: on the right, the types of objects (views, controllers, etc.); bottom right – Actions: edit, add, remove; top left – filtering arrow for views and a list of views; bottom left – comments on the object.

The filter for views according to navigation graphs.

When editing a view.

Translation: fields are name, type, controller, stay open when navigation leaves, open as modal dialog, additional attributes.

The editor for types.

Translation: fields are assembly name, version, culture, public key token (note that these fields are optional), Load button and a combo box for selecting the type from the assembly.

Selecting a navigation graph from the main screen.

Editing a navigation graph.

Translation: left – views categorised by controller with an ability to categorise by navigation graph; middle – an interactive display of views and navigation in the graph. the graph starts from the ‘actor’ and can be dragged. the active view is the brightest one and its navigation values are highlighted and named. It can be maximized to fill the screen; top right – navigation graph details; middle right – selected view details; bottom right – selected navigation value details.

Just a sample of the message box I made. I did it half jokingly, since the main Aero design is very clumsy for small objects.

Translation: “I believe you have made changes to the current configuration file. Would you like to save it prior to exiting the application?”


4 thoughts on “UIP Designer, The Preview

  1. G’day Omer, I’m impressed with the visuals (flat look, gradient fill), and would love to have a look at how you did it once you release the code! You asked about free grid controls – I use the ComponentOne controls from the Microsoft Visual Basic .NET Resource Kit, they’re a version or two old but still functional & powerful.

  2. Hi,

    Your application seems to be just what developperes need to handle fat config files of the UIP application block.
    Did you make any progress on the English version lately ? Do you have a timeframe for a first release ?

  3. Thomas,

    Thanks for the recommendation, I will look into it soon.


    Actually, this application was originally written with an English interface. I’m still looking for the source code I had at that time (I’m sure I kept it _somewhere_ ^_^;;).
    I don’t want to set timeframes, since I only work on this in my spare time. Sorry I can’t promise anything, but rest assured that this will be out eventually.

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