UIP Designer, The Preview

A while ago, I was in an infrastructure team for a project that used the User Interface Process Application Block (version 1.0) for working with Windows Forms applications.
I was required to create an application that would manage the obese configuration file the application block required and was given a free pass to create what kind of GUI I liked.

I worked for about five weeks and produced something that resembled Longhorn’s Aero style interface, but only in Hebrew. I used icons I found online (there is no commercial value for this application, mind you) and the grid and combo box controls created by Janus Systems that were already being used in the project. The rest of the controls and the design are my handiwork.

Now for what it means to you. If you want to use this application (it’s designed specifically for using with Windows Forms applications, but can be easily used for Web Forms applications), I am working on re-creating this application (in English) and will distribute it openly.

In the meantime, you can take a look at a few screen shots I took of the original application (blurred out the application specific details since of an NDA I signed). The original application is in Hebrew, so I included translation for the screen captures. They are in an article here.

[ Update: If anyone knows of a good library that could replace the grid and combobox (Janus’s aren’t free), please drop me a line. ]


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