Now I Remember!

Cyrus asks:

…if you have features that you really want in the next version of the product, now is the time to ask for it. We’ll add those to the list and if they’re good then they’ll get done. [sic.]

Reading this right after working with Visual Studio.NET 2003, triggered my memory to one feature I craved for when I just started using Visual Studio.NET 2002 two years ago.

I want to treat references as project items.

Ok, wait, let me explain myself.
When I first started using Visual Studio.NET 2002, I was excited that everything that seemed logical in the Solution Explorer worked: You drag a file – it gets moved, etc.
Then I added a reference for one of my projects. Then I tried copying it to another project instead of starting that oh-so-sluggish Add Reference dialog. It didn’t work. I thought I did something wrong and tried it again. Surprisingly, it didn’t work. That annoyed me.

So what I’m asking is that I could copy/move references from one project to another.
Simple, isn’t it?

Note: I have not checked whether this exists in Visual Studio 2005, and if it does, please let me know.


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