Cyrus hates them, Jay agrees, Ed thinks they’re ugly.

That’s plain castism, and in broad day light, too!

I like the C# casts. They help me avoid run-time errors, such as those that I would get in VB6. Remember those?

Dim georgeClooney As Actor
Dim anyMovie As Movie
Set georgeClooney = New Actor
Set anyMovie = georgeClooney

And I could actually do this, never mind the fact that trying to cast George Clooney into a movie would cause my system to crash! Did I mention how much I hated VB6?

Just look at these poor ol’ moms, marching for casts:

Join the anti-castism march today!

for those of you who can’t read 4px fonts, the signs say, from left to right: “I (heart) casts”, “Leave the casts alone!” and “My son is in (a) cast!”


3 thoughts on “Castism

  1. Andrew,

    Actually, I have, and this is one of the things that caused me to write this post.

    I wrote the post jokingly, but the idea behind it lives. Implicit casting everything causes two problems: 1. A lot more run-time casting errors. 2. Lack of knowledge as to what the object is being cast to.

    Hope this makes it a bit clearer now.

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