Never Thought I’d Make It

This is the 50th post. So this is what it feels like.

“Why is this such a grand matter,” you might ask. “Some writers write more than you in less the time you took to write these 50 posts.”

I have been posting to this weblog for the past seven months. I started it because I enjoyed reading weblogs like Yosi Taguri‘s, with whom I have had the pleasure of working for a short time.
When I started the weblog, I decided that I will not be part of the echo chamber. “I will not be a human aggregator,” I told myself. Nothing against those who decide to handle their weblog that way. I actually enjoy reading those weblogs, since via them I can find other people who write some great content, be it .NET related or otherwise.
I pride myself on getting this far. 50 posts and I’m assuming at least 80% of those were technical, original and to the point. I might have missed a couple. ;)

So this is my overdue “About Me” post that everyone seems to have (that allows me to place them in the correct category in my aggregator ;).

Dang, it's me!

Who are you?

My name is Omer van Kloeten and I’m a 21 year old developer from Israel. I can’t say where I work (contractual obligation, you see), but it’s not Microsoft. You might have figured it out for yourselves since I seem to not follow the same path as the people from Microsoft walk. I have been developing on the .NET platform for the past two years, including some ASP.NET work, Compact Framework work, but mainly Windows Forms. I have had lots of other experience, including developing in VB6, C, C++, a horrible hybrid of the last two and more.

I am about to start studying for my BSc degree this October for two reasons:

  1. The industry seems to have decided that a degree is a very important quality most developers should have, regardless of their experience.

  2. I love this profession! I love learning new things! And I love ending my sentences with exclamation marks!

Why do you blog?

I love this community, the free exchange of ideas and the sudden openness Microsoft is showing. That, and I love sharing cool stuff I find.

Why don’t you post more often?

It’s that simple combination of self criticism mixed with lack of time.
Talking to Roy has affected that somewhat, I think.

How do you decide which weblogs to subscribe to?

I’ve compiled a little diagram to explain how I choose if I want to subscribe to a weblog:

Why was that the last question you answered?

I don’t know, just didn’t think about anything else to say. If anyone wants to know anything, just ask.


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