Rational XDE Woes

We use Rational‘s XDE as a design tool that integrates with Visual Studio.NET.

One of its problems is that it takes more or less forever to do anything, let alone the heavier stuff, like reverse engineering.

Someone thought it would be nice to have the option “Reverse Engineer” on more or less every context menu in Visual Studio.NET. It probably would have been, if it had not been directly on top of the “Close” option.
Now, every time my mouse cursor slips when I try to close a window, XDE starts to reverse engineer whatever it was that I wanted to close. At the best times, it might have been just a resource or something, so XDE says “No, you can not reverse engineer this”. Thank you very much.
When I mistakenly try to close a source file, XDE decides to think for me, so it reverse engineers my entire project and every other project that this project references.

Conclusion: Think about this when you write your application. Alert the user before you do anything that would take a lot of time.
And someone please tell that to the guys at Rational.


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