Thank You

After being a bit pissed off at Microsoft in my last post, I did a little thinking.

The .NET community is a living community. Not only is this community a great place to exchange ideas and thoughts, but it is a place where the guys at Microsoft finally get to hear you, respond and hopefully consider what you’ve said.
This ‘power’ that is given to us is usually used to complain. Complain about bugs, features, strategies, delays and whatever it is that we find ourselves annoyed at.
I have the same level of contact with my customers, if not a higher one. They use their contact with me to do about the same thing – complain.
I don’t blame them. This sort of thing is acceptable.

What we mostly forget, however, is how our daily experiences would have been different if it weren’t for this software.

So I would like to say these two words: Thank you.

Thank you to all the teams inside Microsoft who helped create this set of tools and languages.
Getting paid for it is not an excuse to not be shown some gratitude.

I’m still pissed about the delay, though.

One last thing – This is not kissing up to anyone. This is giving credit where credit is due. We as a society suck at it, so don’t give me any self righteous crap.


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