Generally Annoyed

So Microsoft decided to postpone Whidbey (and Yukon, but I don’t really care about that) to Q1 2005.
I would like to just point out that Microsoft came out this small:

(The Hebrew speakers among my readers will understand the loose translation ;)

Anyway, Scott asks “Which single feature are you most waiting for in Whidbey”?

My answer is: Refactoring.
You could really use Generics, Anonymous Methods, Iterators, and all the rest when talking about new development, but right now, I’m no where near new projects. I need something here and now. Refactoring is the feature I could use the most right now.


2 thoughts on “Generally Annoyed

  1. Is this the best Scott can do? How about what’s the best way for the MS staff and us devlopers can revolt to SET FREE 2.0 and VS.whatever from Yukon/whatever else they want to lock us into?

  2. The thing I’m most looking forward to with Whidbey is having an editor that doesn’t constantly mangle my HTML. So, uh, how about a version 1.1 of Visual Studio 2003 that makes it not mangle my code?? Can we at least have that before 2005? Exactly what was the purpose of that "Check for Updates" help menu item, anyway?

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