Why I’m Not Excited About Longhorn

Lots of people who are at the PDC are going “Oooh”, “Ahhh” and other syllables at Longhorn right now.
Me, I’m not that excited.

“So what if you’re not excited? You might be an M$-basher for all we know,” you might say.
So I have to say that no, I’m no M$-basher. I love most of what Microsoft is doing right now and I think they’re going the right way. I haven’t said an ill word of them in a long long time (without counting the amount of times I have yelled with frustration after finding out a class I need is internal to the FCL).

“Ok, so why aren’t you excited about Longhorn? It’s nothing like any past Windows OS and has better ****ing, *****ness, *****es and blah blah blah…
That’s one reason I’m not excited. I don’t understand what you want from me. It’s not like you’ve come forth and given me an example of how I can reduce the amount of code I use in an application. You haven’t come and given me a cool new design pattern to use in my C# applications. You haven’t. So I know nothing, actually.
Another thing is that this OS is going to be out when? 2005? 2006? It’s not like we’re going to have a Hebrew enabled version until 6 or so months afterwards, like every other Windows OS up until now (yes, that is a subtle hint towards Microsoft), so it’s going to be quite a while before I have to try and program something for it or even try and learn it.
Lastly, this system is in beta, and a rather early one at that. I am not going to try and spare 3.5 GiB of space for something that might crash and take down the rest of my hard disk with it (and don’t tell me it won’t; you don’t know).

Give me a copy of the OS 6 months before it’s out. By than it’ll be stable enough for me to work with and at that point you will see me excited.


5 thoughts on “Why I’m Not Excited About Longhorn

  1. Installing Longhorn, whidbey, everything…

    For example, when you’ve got a clean WinXP install laying around, you can test some stuff on it before really using it or something.

    I’m definitly gonna install Longhorn, just to have the cool clock on my desktop! ;)

    But for real, I want to test the stuff. Right now, for fun, but maybe later to be ahead of my collegues…

  2. The clock? Apple – who I believe writes an OS whose UI and usability is second to none – and their users a laughing in your face! DO you realize the amount of screen area wasted by your ‘cool’ clock?

    For the record, I’m an MCSD since 1998 and have built my career by developing exclusively in MS since 1994. I also think (like Omar) that until things are stable with Longhorn there’s nothing to be excited about. I get paid to not only be ahead of my collegues but to develop solutions for people that work today, not in 2-3 years.

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