Thoughts and Ideas

Over my time as a programmer with .NET and C#, I have come to see some things that should be but are not a part of .NET, C#, Everett, etc.
This is the first in my list of ideas:

  1. DataSetAdapter, a collection of DataAdapters for a single DataSet.
    The lack of this is quite an annoyance when using a DataSet that is not filled by a DAAB of sorts.
    How about a complete DataBase/TableSpace to Typed DataSet wizard which will cause the Typed DataSet to contain all of its DataAdapters? Maybe even a few hard-coded methods for filling/updating the DataSet?
  2. The SQL syntax has the DISTINCT keyword, allowing the SELECT statements to filter reoccurring results of a column.
    How about implementing one in the DataTable?
  3. SQL support in the System.Data classes (DataSet, DataTable, DataView, etc.) would be great.
    (I know it’s going to be a pain to implement this…)
  4. Why can’t I cancel a Command in OnRowUpdating, but only change it?
    Changing it to a command that does nothing still has the overhead of a database call, as far as I can see.
  5. Executing aggregate functions on a DataColumn in a DataTable such as AVG, MAX, MIN, SUM, etc. would be great.
  6. When inheriting from a base class, having the ability to automatically implement all of its members, like it is done today in Everett with interfaces.

Why post this here? Who knows, maybe someone from the C# team or the like thought one of the ideas brought up here is nice/cool/stupid/weird/already exists in a form and decided to comment. Maybe then the snowball would start to roll.


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